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These requirements are not as easy as some may think.

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  • Consummation of agreement may be inferred by an express agreement of present intention to be man and wife. She says, for example, a Social Security rep told her that she and John needed to own a home to qualify.
  • Wisconsin Not recognized after American Samoa Not recognized since at least
  • Common-law marriage is a non-ceremonial marriage. A voidable marriage is a marriage that is defective and can be judged void annulled but is considered valid unless and until declared void as a result of court action on its validity.
  • Such proceedings include filing a Social Security benefit application and providing evidence that the couple agreed to be married and thereafter: The cohabitation does not have to be in the State where the marriage agreement was made.


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DESCRIPTION: An express mutual agreement to enter into a present marriage, and cohabitation after the agreement, are required. A common-law marriage does not require any kind of ceremony but only the agreement of the parties, followed by the mutual and open assumption of a marital relationship. A relationship recognized as a marriage in another state where it was consummated is recognized in Oregon, even though such relationship would not be a marriage if the same factors were relied upon to create a marriage in Oregon.

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Since he is only 55 but declared disabled due to elective surgery he is collecting disability retirement. Notoriety is the most important element necessary to establish a common-law marriage. That's a good question. I served our country, as a civilian commissioned as a 2nd Lt. If the parties agreed to be husband and wife in a state not recognizing common-law marriage, their mere cohabitation as husband and wife in Michigan would have established a valid common-law marriage. A claimant can rebut this presumption by proving that the criteria for establishment of a common-law marriage occurred by a preponderance of the evidence.

These benefits include spousal benefits, survivor benefits and even benefits from an ex-common law spouse. The tricky part is meeting the requirements of a common law marriage. These requirements are not as easy as some may think. Social Security will not make a determination on the validity of your common-law marriage unless and until you potentially qualify for benefits on your ex's record. In order for you to qualify as a divorced spouse, half of his full disability benefit would have to exceed your full retirement age benefit (PIA).

That's a good question. Puerto Rico Not recognized. This is hard stuff even for experts.

Common law spouses and former common law spouses can be eligible for Social Security benefits (dependents and survivors benefits) based on their husband's or wife’s earnings record, if their states' common law marriage requirements are met. Social Security pays spouse benefits only to individuals who are legally married to beneficiaries, although divorced spouses in some cases also qualify. If you have not legally married, but have established a legally recognized common-law . Social Security. The Social Security Administration requires partners to be legally married to collect widow’s benefits, except in very limited circumstances. The Social Security Administration recognizes common law marriage as long as the marriage was created in a state that recognizes common law marriage, and the marriage must be valid in that state.

Notoriety is the most important element necessary to establish a common-law marriage. Today more and more couples are living together without getting married, especially Millennials and Gen Xers. Making matters even more difficult, Social Security has other convoluted rules that can change or even invalidate her benefits.

A temporary stay in Texas by nonresidents does not establish a common-law marriage. To meet the preponderance of evidence standard, evidence of cohabitation and holding out must prove the establishment of a common-law marriage. I served our country, as a civilian commissioned as a 2nd Lt. The passage of time and ceasing of cohabitation will not terminate a common-law marriage once it is in existence.

  • Does My 'Common Law Marriage' Count For Social Security Purposes?
  • Wisconsin recognizes common-law marriages validly entered into in other states.
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  • West Virginia Not recognized.
  • In the six weeks since Joan wrote me this note, she found a place to live.

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South Dakota recognizes common-law marriages validly entered into in other states. She went on to tell me that many have assumed they were in a common-law marriage, but often find out otherwise when the relationship ends or a death occurs. Among other documents, she must complete a special form, plus get similar forms filled out by one of her blood relatives and two blood relatives of her late partner, John. A common-law marriage must be proven by clear and convincing evidence.

Illinois does not recognize the common-law marriages of its domiciliaries that arise out of brief sojourns in common-law marriage States. But the specifics of these rules are different in many states and usually complicated. If a claimant cannot rebut the presumption in accordance with Texas law, we consider the parties never to have been married.


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