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Thank you for your recap. Yul comes by and corrects her moves and gets behind her to show her to correct positioning. Hye Joo walks off leaving Joon Ki fuming.

  • That gets her spirit up and she vows to sell it all.
  • I quite like her now and hope she moves on from Yul soon and finds a nice guy of her own. Your email address will not be published.
  • And why does In Ho blame Yul for what happen to his brother.
  • He then gets a call from the President asking to meet him. The good thing is this is coming out now instead of later and can be resolved quickly.

I've been waiting for this. I laughed out loud more than once. What we're watching by girlfriday. Looking at Da Jung, how she confronts her thoughts and feelings with Yul, it is mighty possible that she could get over with , if the marriage does end, with more ease that Yul. For whatever reason, they fought in that car.


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DESCRIPTION: What makes the bit about hairpin even more wonderfully written is it can serves as a meta joke as well. Da Jung tries to change the subject and asks In Ho what his wish is? And on the other side of that door: Yul pauses and stares at him as does Hye Joo.

Yours Truly: very good scholl !

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And yet there were also beats of real heart and emotion, which is awesome. They cannot possibly recap every drama. Na Ra notices the good looking oppa playing the piano accompaniment when Woo Ri is singing. The girls enter the church and discover that Woo Ri sings in the church choir now.

Jan 13,  · Prime Minister and I Episode 8 Eng Sub HD Playlist https: Prime Minister and I Ep 1 Eng Sub 1 - Duration: Daebak , views. The Prime Minister and I. Episode 1. Deputy Prime Minister Kwon Yool and Scandal News reporter Da Jung bump heads when Da Jung tries to write an article on Kwon Yool's personal life instead of his political career.

Prime Minister and I Episode 10 Recap

Continue reading "Prime Minister and I: Episode 1" bubbly chemistry as Prime Minister and Prime Loved the cartoon of the Prime Minister in BVD's. Please recap. Continue reading "Prime Minister Maybe having gone through EP 1, I watch it with zero expectation except wanting to watch LBS only but then I read recap. Jan 13,  · Prime Minister and I Episode 8 Eng Sub HD Playlist https: Prime Minister and I Ep 1 Eng Sub 1 - Duration: Daebak , views.

I need to check out Let's Eat, too, since I've been hearign a lot of good things about it.

I'd say Shi-kyung and Jae-ha's bromance is one of the best bromances out there In-ho seems veeeerry interesting. An imagined Matrix style fight scene points to a more tense and hostile relationship between them.

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  • I am not so sure. I find the pairing of the two leads very interesting.
  • I'll talk about dramas if I want to
  • Da Jung stops him and asks if he still loves his ex-wife and that is why he forbids them from entering the piano room and from playing music? For it to be believable and relatable, this romance has to progress in fits and starts, so the awkwardness of the hair pin was awesome!
  • I'm along for the ride.

Some of the scenes had me worried and angry directed at In Ho until I read your recap! Yul and Da Jung return to their bedroom and she offers to help undress him since his hand is bandaged. He is someone difficult to deal with but very admirable.

I would have liked the hair pin and I am way older than DJ! They fail to escape undetected and are cornered by all the reporters assembled by Reporter Byun. Da Jung thinks this is a silly wish and of course everything will go well. An adult rom com with kids to complicate things later should be fun. Da-jung revels in wrapping up a successful interview in the car with her co-worker. I'm happily surprised by Yoon-ah's acting in this one.

Da Jung is walking outside when In Ho tosses snow at her. The drama tried so hard to build the usual star crossed epic lovers that it totally misses it by a mile and more. Yul then imagines Da Jung chiding him for berating the kids at the dinner table. That pisses off Joon Ki even more that Yul is so protective of her. Thanks everyone for continually supporting my blog. Da Jung goes out and Hye Joo tries to talk with her but Da Jung is in such a bad mood she yells at Hye Joo first that she did nothing wrong today. Now that it happened after she had gone through some time after debut and through a scandal.


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