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I am a hetero guy, but have always loved nylons. First, with the leghairs no excitement! I have had numerous encounters with the pros and have never encountered any objection, in fact on several occasions, outside relationships have developed, although, not for very long.

  • I would love that female to completely humilate and degrade me in this way.
  • By Colleen Kane November 11,
  • I am completely obsessed with womens pantyhose, wearing them myself, watching women purchase them, talking about them.

I have a job requiring continuous upright posture the economic crisis has reduced the workforce and I have not anymore a helper nor a secretary. I am a male hetrosexual and I am daily in panty hose and a girdle. Here in the states it's almost taboo now for any women to put on a pair of hose. I love to put on panties,pantyhose,bra and some heels while i masturbate and sometimes look at penthouse mag. In the Swiss bank UBS issued a persnickety page dress code which specified, among many other rules and items of grooming advice avoid garlic breath , what colors of stockings and undergarments were required skin-tone. Today's society here in the states seems to be one of a lost culture of women who would rather look like something we used to call "trailer trash" than the more classic look of femaninity. I feel completely odd even writing this


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DESCRIPTION: Yes this has been affecting my personality lately. No correspondence takes place. Won't have sex with me unless I am wearing them too.

Music Empire: Japanese are really sick puppies! lol ;)

Swap RL: That was yummy. Sexy feet. Thanks.

Twoonthewall: Wow such a dominant arrogant Lady, she is a Goddess!

BandB1111111: Fucking awesome! Loved it when the bitch put her leg behind her neck!

FrostWing: TUBORG hehehe haha.my favorite

Xdd4242: very nice. more of the same please

Steven Watson: amazing and the best way to cum sniffing nylon feet

Thunder Bembo: London is so hot

Nicole Smith: I just want to be there to watch the next time you do that.

Rafael Acosta: HOT! These ladies own this poor guy!

My wife used to make fun of my staring at women in uniform wearing patent leather heels. I'm not sure what it is that I'm looking for here, perhaps I'm just looking for acceptance, empathy maybe an explanation of some kind for my situation. For the most part, like Only the awareness of using a support garment. Otherwise it withers and dies, just like my desire for her. Need help breaking free from addiction? In contrast, male transvestites are overwhelmingly heterosexual in nature. I have been wearing panties almost exclusively thongs for over 30 yrs.

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This is a topic that I reserve for the future, if the relationship develops to a point where this discussion is appropriate. Only two months ago I switched from razors to infrared depilation. It's the ultimate turn-on for me. What Pahtyhose can say. When I wear tights, now, on the smooth skin just shaved, the heat of the excitement begins.

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  • Why pantyhose sales are still surprisingly strong
  • I wish it was just simple and easy at times.
  • What’s driving the popularity
  • But through the years when I wear pantyhose and masturbate I have become more and more turned on by the fantasy of another guy. Remove the soiled gusset and insert it into two cut off sections of the sweaty used feet sections.
  • Won't have sex with me unless I am wearing them too.

I wear pantyhose as much and as often as I can. Whatever happened to just being me or him just being him. It is a fantasy so it is not crystal clear but I think if I reall boil it down, I am really turned on the being with a transvestite, or ideally a good looking women with a penis.

I also LOVE wearing pantyhose and stockings. Nothing to worry about or feel ashamed about. I would love that female to completely humilate and degrade me in this way. Society and so called Women's Clothing. I am a male hetrosexual and I am daily in panty hose and a girdle.


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