A Love To Last Feb 22


You are also cautious risk taker. Enhance your relationships by offering encouragement and support, not by overspending or making unrealistic promises to impress someone. This is a strong day for your sign because the Moon is in Virgo dancing nicely with Saturn.

  • Fortunately, as the day wears on, you will organize domestic and family matters. It is what it is.
  • The list of possible paramours is reduced each week until he gives a final red rose to one of them. Water soothes your fiery soul over the coming four weeks—and so does quality time with your innermost circle.
  • This morning starts off with a few surprises but ironically, it settles down to a steady Eddy day where you can accomplish a lot because you are motivated and you feel good being productive and busy. The live, shocking two-hour conclusion to Arie's love story will unfold, on The Bachelor:
  • As the day progresses, you will be quite productive. You are frank and truthful.

Something unusual might occur. This person will likely be a female. Your charm will encourage others to pitch in and help you get things done. Review past triumphs and failures as you finish this nine-year cycle. Expect a few surprises this morning. After the Final Rose, and the new Bachelorette will be revealed.


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DESCRIPTION: Wait, that's not Arie! You are excitable, entertaining and charismatic.

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Preparing for the Wild Ride Ahead. Later in the day, your mind is calm and purposeful, which is excellent for doing detailed work that usually would bore you. Later in the day, you might make long-range plans for a vacation or getting further education or training. This interaction might be triggered by a surprise or an unexpected encounter with a friend or partner.

The official page for On the Wings of Love on TFC, Aired Feb 13, Feuding sisters Feb 22, Feb 19, Feb The official page for The Greatest Love on And I Love You So Feb 22, And I Love what time po ung episode ng april 20? last dew days maaga plang meron na. February is the last month of summer FEB-yoo-err-ee or / Week of February February 18–

  • On the Wings of Love
  • With Neptune back-spinning in your twelfth house, some Rams will be ready for a full-on detox. Forgiveness is a big theme of this Neptune cycle.
  • Someone older will give you practical or financial support.

This introspective transit can lead to some important self-realizations, artistic breakthroughs or a deeper connection to your spirituality. This is a year for completions and taking inventory. Financial hiccups or a surprise related to something you own might occur early this morning.

Beyond reminiscing, some of these conversations could evolve into talks of a home-based side-hustle. Available to Stream Watch on. With Wednesday's quarter moon in Virgo activating your wellness corner, there couldn't be a better week to renew your commitment to taking great care of yourself.


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