Why Sperm Get Thick


What causes semen to be too thick or clumpy

Also I would like to add that we have not had sex for a week and he had not been masturbating. Add more whole grains and vegetables to your diet for healthier sperm.

  • Exercises that involve a group of muscles are great for enhancing testosterone.
  • The way a woman becomes pregnant is by spermcells somehow entering her vagina.
  • Actually, your sperms cannot be thick, but your semen can definitely be. If you ejaculate several times a day, it will be thin and watery but still with millions of sperm in it.
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The semen will also be yellow when a patient has jaundice. The answer could be in related to your overall health. Stress levels can change your hormones and cause you to gain weight. If it lasts longer than a month, however, it's worth asking your doctor about it. If it's just cotton underwear, a good wash cycle in hot water with a good detergent should remove any lasting staining. It also depends on how often you ejaculate.


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DESCRIPTION: It also can reduce the quality or frequency of your sex life. It is highly rich in nutrients and can help enhance semen production in your body. What does a thick clumpy white discharge mean?

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After 45 minutes of sex, my BF pulled out and came, & it was watery, not thick. Did he come inside me? (He said he didn't.) Or is this due to prolonged sex? Apr 01,  · Thick sperm is good as its viscosity is more and it does not waste by comming out, that thickness helps to keep sperm in place helps sperms to reach to the egg in the womb. So thick sperms has more chances to make woman pregnant.

Most Popular Answers 1. It's usually harmless and it usually goes away on Thikc own. My girl enjoys a hefty load, and I felt somewhat embarrassed that I could not deliver more. Other symptoms Why Sperm Get Thick include weight gain, reduced mucle tone and strength, low energy, and mild irritability. When a person has HIV, infectious virus can be found in their blood, semen menvaginal fluids women and breast milk women. This is because the lining of the anus is easily damaged.

Since it is hard to know if a hormonal imbalance is the cause, you should see your doctor for help.

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  • What is wrong if your semen is thick and yellow?
  • For a free, east way to improve the quality of your sperm, drink plenty of water each day.
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  • Reduce your frequency, and also as you get older, it'll get whiter and thicker.

This package is the most popular one. If your semen is thick do you have an infection? And what causes the prostate to grow in the first place? Did your boyfriend cheat if his semen came out thick? Vaginal odors come from poor hygiene or an infection of some kind. Not sure what you mean with too much since it's rarely a lot that comes out. This will let you know if you have a good sperm count or if there is an infertility issue.


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